Nova Farms : Elevating the Cannabis Experience with Premium Quality

Welcome to Nova Farms Cannabis, where passion meets innovation in the world of cannabis. With a dedication to delivering premium quality products, Nova Farms has become a prominent name in the industry. In this article, we will explore their commitment to excellence, their meticulously cultivated strains, and the innovative cannabis experiences they offer.

At Nova Farms, the art of cultivation is treated with the utmost care and precision. Their team of experienced growers employs advanced techniques and sustainable practices to nurture their strains. Each plant receives personalized attention, resulting in robust growth, exceptional flavors, and potent effects. Whether you prefer a calming indica, an energizing sativa, or a well-balanced hybrid, Nova Farms offers a diverse selection of meticulously cultivated strains to suit your preferences.

Nova Farms


From our ninety-acre farm tucked away in the heart of the Berkshires to locally sourced cultivars in Massachusetts, Nova farmers & partners use the unmatched power of the sun to cultivate New England’s premier flower from the richest soils in all of New England. We handpick the best flower to craft into our pre-rolls. Nova, Sticky Fish and Southie Adams pre-rolls and blunts provide easy enjoyment, and an exceptional smoking experience with smooth, even pulls. Our infused pre-rolls and blunts add a higher level of experience with resin and rosin evenly throughout.


Southie Adams and Sticky Fish concentrate brands continually dominate the New England market. From beautiful amber slabs to dense crystalline diamonds, our brands’ test numbers are unrivaled in potency, efficacy & taste. Southie Adams and Sticky Fish concentrates are processed using the most effective and modern methods to ensure the purest terpenes and cannabinoid characteristics. When you partake in our concentrate brands, you can expect a raw, pure and unadulterated strain specific experience.



You can’t beat the convenience of vape carts. The immediate effects & discreet nature of this type of cannabis intake make them an obvious choice for many. Southie Adams, Earthshine Gardens, and Sticky Fish vape carts are all processed in-house & crafted to perfection with our state-of-the-art extraction technology. Because we fresh freeze our crops customers can expect the best tasting and strongest vape experience in all of New England. Discover our full-spectrum Live Resin, Hash Rosin, Distillate, and Live Fire carts and experience the best entourage effect! buy mounjaro online



Super potent and highly effective with a deliciously high duration, Nova edibles are fast-acting, and are the reigning champs of long-lasting powerful experiences. Customers can enjoy Hashables gummies and chocolates made with a hash-infusion, Southie Sours gummies made with pure THC distillate, Zzzonked deep sleep gummies and chocolates made with THC, cannabinoids and melatonin, and the classic Nova Bites made with THC distillate. These delectable treats are sure to satisfy any palate and are made in our state-of-the-art kitchen from locally sourced cannabis.

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